I write this as an employee who is never off sick...and I mean never. My last sick day was two years ago, for a multiple wisdom tooth extraction in February 2015. It was just a day and working would have quite simply been impossible in the state I was in post-jaw cracking.  

I do know that some businesses however, struggle with employees who, if I'm going to be fairly frank here, take the complete piss when it comes to sick leave. How they get away with it I  do not know, but people do! 

I love this article on the Undercover Recruiter which discusses why NOT to doubt an employee sickie and what you can do to help limit them because, let's face it, not every sick day is totally genuine is it? There must be a reason behind employees feeling the need to 'pull a sickie'.

 Are you not providing trusted employees with enough flexibility? Do you not foster a healthy work environment? What's your communication like? Check out the article below to see how you could combat excessive employee sick days.