Hey guys. It's me. Taylor. Before I go any further, at no point in this article will you be asked for a donation! 

Now, I know he is not the most loved man but lets put politics to one side and look at the bigger picture. 

Alzheimer's Research UK have invested hundreds of millions since it was founded in trying to eradicate a complicated and saddening illness. David Cameron -  who still has much support and helped invest large sums of money to aid the charity in it's battle against Dementia - has taken up the role of President, in a bid to help change the world of Dementia as we know it for the better. He supported the charity as Prime Minister and is continuing to do so now despite his resignation.

How does this affect you? Well, amazingly, you also have the opportunity to aid all of the amazing people at Alzheimer's Research UK. This formidable charity is looking to fill two key positions, Digital Marketing Executive and a Marketing and Supporter Communications Manager.  

It's not often you have the opportunity to work a job you can boast about, that you can say 'look what I did today to help people' but that's exactly what you have here.

If you are looking to work at a life changing company, to be a real part of the work they put in. Then you can click the link and apply below. Competition will be stiff no doubt!

Best of luck!