Hey guys. It's me. Taylor. Tricky one isn't it. Do I save this £7 or do I get the Big Daddy Box meal? I'm a serial spender. I like buying things for myself and for people I love. You''ll often hear me say 'I was born to be rich'. The issue I have is that I'm no where near rich! Not yet anyway. 

So I should be saving right? Or I should be putting money into my workplace pension? In theory yes, but the millennial generation seems to do the opposite. We struggle to think of mortgages or retirement. Instead, we think about Thailand, Australia and fried chicken. 

It could be something to do with the cost of things, especially in London. It could be social media and seeing people live in luxury or travelling and feeling we need to do the same. Or FOMO (for the baby boomers that's 'fear of missing out').

Or, it could be the fact that I can think of nothing better than drinking an ice cold beer on South Beach, Miami for a couple of weeks, despite the fact that I'll then be evicted from my flat upon my return home. 

Sod it, can't take a house with me when I go anyway.