In the modern day, home versus office working is still a hotly contested topic particularly when it comes to which is more productive and which offers the least distractions.

Well, we may now have some answers to help put the debate to bed. have surveyed 1,135 UK professionals who work both at home and in an office environment. The report found that home workers have less distractions than their office counterparts.

Office workers admitted they are more likely, on average, to have 10 or more distractions than those working from home. Personally, I feel it ultimately depends on the person and which profession they are in. I find working from home a haven for distractions however, on the flip side, I find that it helps me focus as I become self-conscious of my actions. Where others might be all too comfortable turning the TV on, online shopping or venturing out to the shops, it definitely makes me think twice.

Working in the office has its own constant distractions. Team members veering you off topic, urgent tasks dropped on your desk and the usual LinkedIn scrolling and constant refreshing of Twitter due to FOMO. I think there are just as many distractions on both sides of the fence but it is all about self discipline; both can be as productive as each other.

It would be interesting to hear from those who have worked in an office environment and now solely work from home. How do you find it? Is it distracting? Do you get more done?

Let me know your thoughts.