Commuting. I'm sure the very activity turns me into some kind of feral beast. If a fellow commuter rubs me up the wrong way (sometimes literally) then I become what can only be described as the underworld, parallel universe version of myself. I can cite many examples! 

Just today, I was stood at my spot on the platform, waiting for a Northbound Northern Line train via Bank. I was happy, I was calm. Listening to the Reign Soundtrack (yes I know I'm a total loser but I simply do not care) I stood patiently in the same position I stand in every morning which guarantees I get on a carriage first #smartcommuting. Abiding by the strict rules of the tube, I was stood behind the yellow line like a good girl, just for another woman to come and plonk herself directly in front of me, OVER the yellow line with her bag pushing into my face. I'm genuinely surprised I didn't end up with Michael Kors embossed into my face. WTF? The anger that came over me was almost too much to bear. So much so, that I did the sensible thing and just walked away. I'm not an angry or confrontational person but I'm pretty passionate about justice and this situation can only be described as some kind of gross injustice of life.  

I've also had commuters drop coats on my lap whilst I've been sat down. I've had people place their hands over my hands for far too long than is acceptable. Oh and there's no forgetting the time I got punched in the head by a man having a fight with another man. That was great fun although the men still haven't been brought to justice so don't get me started on what I think about that.  

Before I inevitably run off on a tangent, please take a look at this article. It's quite funny: