It must be up there surely? Wellington, New Zealand are offering to pay for the flights and accommodation of 100 stand-out technology professionals in exchange for them attending pre-arranged interviews with companies who have already decided they'd like to meet them. Talk about a warm introduction! At the end of the week, successful candidates receive job offers and go on to move permanently to the city. Is this real life? 

Wellington are searching for the World's best tech talent to relocate to New Zealand and what better way to do it than offer something a candidate simply could not refuse? The way the LookSee project works means that candidates get the opportunity to explore the area, network and try before they buy. From the look of the photos and things I've personally heard about Wellington, there's not an awful lot to hate save the distance. There is always a risk with relocation as to whether a candidate is really bought-in to moving to a place or not, but this takes selling a location to the next level. 

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