I honestly don't think it's possible. Not really. Of course, no one would ever be open about their real prejudices towards a candidate if they know that, deep down, their view is considered 'wrong' or too controversial for the highly PC world we now live in. It's far easier to play it safe and keep your mouth shut. Even recruiters who profess to operating an unbiased process can't prevent unconscious bias from creeping in. How can they...it's UNCONSCIOUS. 

I suspect that I, myself, might be subject to bias on my CV with a Maltese surname that looks Italian, but actually I'm part Lebanese/Syrian/an erratic smattering from The Levant yet I'm 100% British, born and bred. I've been lucky with the  two times in my life that I've needed to send my CV out to an employer, but I'm sure that on a larger scale I would suffer, especially when employers are scanning names at volume. 

Please enlighten me and show me someone who, for a fact, doesn't even possess unconscious bias, PLEASE. Thoughts?