Being a fellow commuter this article caught my eye and after reading it I would agree with the findings, my current journey is about 1 hour 20 mins door to door each way and I personally feel that this is my limit for how far I would want to travel, regardless of the job.

When you start to break it down that's 2 hours 40 minutes a day, 12 hours a week, 48 hours a month, 576 hours a year! When you add it up like that it seems mental and that doesn't include the hours on end in delays we all suffer.

It seems it is not just the commuting that is the frustration, it is the annoyances that come with it, the findings from the report show the top 4 aggravating things are traffic jams, people not letting passengers off public transport, people playing loud music and in at number 4, people not standing to the right-hand side on the escalators.

I think we can all have these in some sort of order in our top 4. I feel your pain!