I came across this article on the Guardian website a little late as it was posted in conjunction with International Women's Day a week or two ago. I really admired what I was reading in this article, not just because it's all about the empowerment of women but because it delivers a message to everyone regardless of gender. I don't identify with these messages because I'm a woman, I identify with these messages because I am HUMAN. 

Always be yourself and never apologise for it. Damn right don't apologise for it. 

We all have moments of self-doubt. Moments we'd like to forget. Moments in time where we're far from overjoyed with ourselves, but making mistakes is better than faking perfection. I've made mistakes. Who hasn't? Isn't it part of growing? Accepting we've made mistakes is the only way we can ever truly move forward and improve. You've got to cut through the fat. The way that I deal with situations today is a total contrast to how I might have dealt with things a year ago and a whole world away from how I'll cope in a year's time. One thing I'll never apologise for is for being ME. You do you and own it. Don't worry about what I'm doing or what Debbie in Accounts is doing or what that moody one on Reception is up to. Do your thing and do it how you want to do it.  

Allow people to love you for the rawest version of yourself. We all have good bits and slightly more undesirable bits. Who cares? A section of this article talks about your 'cheerleaders'. I know who mine are. Do you?