I honestly wish I'd known more about apprenticeships before I'd embarked on my journey through higher education. In all honesty, looking back, I didn't have a clue what my options were. I was just bobbing along like every other kid who fit my sociodemographic profile. 

Where I went to school, doing your A-levels and going to university was the norm. It was virtually the same as transitioning from primary to senior school. Anyone who didn't stay in school for Sixth Form was seen as an anomaly. Personally, as a teenager, I was pretty delusional when it came to my view of the World, especially when it came to the concept of the career. I'd had it so easy throughout my childhood, I almost felt no pressure when it came to choosing my options. I had this glittering idea of a design career where I'd spend all my time sketching pretty dresses and sipping Oolong out of pastel teacups. I grew up with the overwhelming impression of stability, safety and certainty, simply assuming that such levels of security and luxury would automatically continue throughout my adult years. How senseless could a child get? 

Now that I watch younger people go through the same motions I totally get it. One thing that most people crave as they get older is a sense of purpose, regardless of where they've come from or what they aspire to.  

If I'd have had half an idea on what apprenticeships really were whilst I was at school, I'd have seriously considered it and probably taken that path. Looking at this list of top paid apprenticeships is an impressive testament to it as a credible and successful road in and it doesn't half make me feel jealous: