Hey guys. It's me. Taylor. This probably doesn't come as a shock to many of us. Out of 10,000 employees, 1/5 of them said that age was the biggest barrier in progressing their career, which leads me to ask the question, 'should this be the case?' 

Understandably, when it comes to more senior roles (roles with greater responsibility) it makes a lot of sense to employ someone with experience and with a developed skill set. Which is mostly likely to be found in someone that is older and has the CV behind them. 

But would offering the role to someone with more youth, maybe not as much experience, but fresh ways of looking at things cause such a drastic turn? Or could it be a stroke of genius? 

Vice versa - being an older member of the team should not be a reason why you can't move up the career ladder and apply for a promotion that may be deemed more suitable for someone younger! A lot of youths are intimidated by the older generation, and a lot of older professionals are intimidated by the young newcomers. 

I think ultimately, my opinion is that age shouldn't be a barrier to anyone looking to improve their career. It should be purely down to skills, work ethic and desire to succeed. 

What are your views?