I attended the In-house Recruitment Network's 'Data & Insight Conversation' event yesterday which was a fantastic and insightful day, but one presentation stood out and that was the one about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the new laws coming in for 2018.

I wanted to write this today as it was clear from the reaction of many in the room, that very few are ready for the drastic changes that are afoot. What was clear from the presentation is that the recruitment industry is in for a shock, the work that is going to be involved to remain compliant in my opinion is frightening.

For anyone who is unsure of the changes I strongly suggest you look into this ASAP. Any breaches of this new legislation could receive fines of up to 10% of your annual income as a business.

Please do take a look at the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) website to read all about and to get all the facts.