When I graduated from university, I literally needed all the help I could get when it came to bagging my first job. It's hard! Receiving job offers immediately is not a given for most graduates and the whole experience can be extremely disheartening for a 'freshy' to the career ladder. 

BE PROACTIVE. If you're struggling and you care enough, you will go out of your way to help yourself as much as possible, even if it means propelling yourself a thousands miles outside of your comfort zone for the cause. I can only use myself as an example here, but once I'd scored my first interview I decided it was time to think outside the box and prepare myself as well as I possibly could (it took long enough to get to this point, I wasn't about to mess it up!) My previous interview experience consisted mainly of part-time retail/temp work and the most formal interview I'd had was for an unpaid internship. 

For my first job out of university, I needed to ace the interview, if for nothing but for my own sanity at the peek of a long and arduous search.

I reached out to my cousin, a successful HR Director, who put me in touch with a recruiter she knew well (the interview was for a job in recruitment) and we organised a phone call. His advice was priceless and he gave me pointers to consider that I probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise. On our second phone call he mock-interviewed me and he didn't make it easy. I went into that interview having researched every possible question and answer and at no point during the day (it was an assessment day full of multiple interviews) did I stumble over my words or freeze with fear. I literally knew it all. My preparation for that interview was potentially the best revision session I'd ever had in my life EVER. 

If you're graduating this summer, check out these 9 tips from Workology. It's worth doing your homework now, believe me, it will save you a world of pain in the long run.