What a day to be alive - 'Snaplications' has actually become a 'thing'. Do you think you're allowed to incorporate Snapchat's filters too? If so, I reckon I'd have it in the bag. The things I can do with a voice-changer I tell you! 

So the recruitment function at McDonalds in Australia have done just that. They've launched a brand new application process to help their employer brand appeal to the youth market - 'Snaplications'. Genius no? To make it more fun for younger applicants, they've incorporated new filters including the McDonalds uniform and hat. Where's the inspiration come from you might be wondering? The COO's 14 year old daughter, that's where! 

 Every time I'm at an in-house recruitment event, recruiters are constantly pondering over how to effectively attract Gen Z into their businesses and how to encourage them to apply. Perhaps branching out into mainstream apps like Snappy is the answer! Whilst I'm personally not sure how a 10 second clip could reveal enough about a candidate to make any kind of sound, informed decision, I'm sure it could probably go a long way where the screening process is concerned. Particularly for those volume or entry level roles and in the case of McDonalds, what better way to lookout for the bubbly, vivacious personalities they need for their customer service roles? 

What do you think to the 'Snaplication' process?