I needed to write something about this because it's really GRINDING MY GEARS. I know loads of amazing in-house recruiters, written hundreds of articles and whitepapers about in-house recruitment and been a recruiter myself (once upon a time. It was agency and I was crap but at least I had integrity!) which makes me ten times more passionate about this topic than your average, run of the mill 'candidate'. 

One thing that really irritates me is when a recruiter messages you on LinkedIn about a job, ignores your response (yes, I was saying I wasn't interested but that's not the point) then emails you AGAIN a month later about the same job! WTF? Has the process become so devoid of the 'human touch' now that recruiters are forgetting their own private message exchanges? How many are they sending? It hardly makes you feel special. It's shocking and what's more, it completely changes my perception of that business, no matter how great that organisation seemed beforehand. This kind of behaviour tells me the following:

A - you're not actually THAT bothered about my profile or background.

B - I'm obviously one of hundreds of candidates you've canvassed today (even if this is how it is, I shouldn't know that as a candidate. You're supposed to be enticing me no?)

C - you're totally ignorant.

D - you've got a crap recruitment process, I mean, you don't even record candidates you've contacted. I'd say that's pretty basic.

E - I DON'T LIKE YOU. As a candidate, this kind of behaviour makes you feel 'played'. It's like those play boys you used to text when you were a teenager. You like it at the time but you always end up hating them because you feel totally mugged off.

It's all about candidate experience these days. Without candidate experience you've got nothing and you'll end up with low-rent talent in your non-existent talent pool. Anyone who has a clue won't let you take the piss out of them. They'll tell their talented friends to steer clear and so on and so forth. If you have any love for what you do and if you care at all about the reputation of your business brand you will read the article below and take note: