I'm always wildly fascinated by the stories of people who've been lucky enough to indulge in more than one career in their lifetime and envious that they appear to have seriously made the most of the time they've had.  

It's overwhelming to think about the fact that I've got another 40 years of career time. 40 YEARS. That's loads! Way more than I've actually been alive so far - I could become a parent AND a grandparent in that time. When I think about it like that it really puts into perspective how much I've done/learned/achieved in such a short space of time this past few years. My life generally has seen more change in the last 3 years than it ever has and thinking about it can be overwhelming. I need to remember that change and progression is something to be celebrated. 

Sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for what we're doing or what we've done. It's easy to get lost in the monotony of everyday life and that goes for most careers really. Sometimes what you're doing, no matter how cool or exciting it is, simply becomes the norm. Don't let it become the norm. Congratulate yourself once in a while! I've realised recently that I don't need to worry about having no stories to tell when I'm older, because I've already got a fair few. Imagine how many more I'll have in 40 years time. That's exciting to me! THAT my friend, is proper 'life goals'.