Do you feel that marketing on Facebook isn't "in-keeping" with your brand? By leaving out Facebook from your social media strategy, you could be putting your brand in jeopardy.

The way businesses identify themselves is beginning to change from B2B or B2C to H2H (Human to Human) and brands are beginning to wake up to the idea that people don't just switch between professional or personal mindsets depending on what social media platform they are on. We have all seen the numerous posts by people on LinkedIn moaning that personal updates should not be shared on that platform yet it is the personal posts that gain the most engagement.

More people are listing their professional details such as educational background, job title and company on their Facebook profiles making it easy for advertisers to target specific audiences. With B2B companies claiming Facebook has a better engagement rate than LinkedIn, it is virtually a no brainer.

With the largest audience of all of the other social media channels combined as well as its connect with users on a personal level, could marketing on Facebook be a quick win for your brand?