Hallelujah, it's like the heavens have opened when I stumble across an article like this.

Intuition. I'm a fan. 

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that most of my major life choices have been down to it. Gut feeling can be overwhelmingly strong. I've had it with past boyfriends; that feeling where you know deep down that it just isn't right - they do actually smell that bad or they really ARE that hairy. There's just no kidding yourself where intuition is concerned. 

I've had it with jobs! When I first started at Edge, I knew deep down that Resourcing as a career was totally unsustainable for a creative lunatic like me. I had evolved quicker than I imagined I would, into areas I didn't know were even possibilities. Intuition told me that readjusting my career was right. It felt RIGHT I tell you! 

It's crazy how strong your gut can be and actually, when I peer into my past and evaluate some of my previous decisions, both good and bad, one thing they all have in common is an overwhelming gut feeling that it was right at the time. This article caught my attention because it discusses some of the research behind intuition and the science behind the one feeling that, to me, is totally unscientific. I've always likened it the the whole 'Science and Faith' concept. Dr Gigerenzer explains that a gut feeling is a 'judgement that is fast. It comes quickly to a person's consciousness. The person doesn't know why they have this feeling yet it is strong enough to make an individual act on it.' It's true. A gut feeling is not a calculation but something so much bigger than that. 

Following intuition, especially in a career sense, can seem scary and uncertain, but it's responsible for the most life-changing experiences I've had so far. Can you say the same? It's time to take your instincts seriously. Ignoring them could cause you more grief than it's worth!