I've only been writing content for a couple of years, but I feel like I've experienced every emotion under the sun in that time. The worst feeling (that should be the best) is when you see your blog spiraling through social media at what feels like the speed of light. A couple of years ago, one of my personal blogs almost went viral and as cool as it was, it was bloody terrifying! 

To write is so personal. You're inviting people in. It's an insight to a part of yourself - who wouldn't be a little bit scared of that? I guess for me, I have no strict brief when it comes to what I write for OMJ and more often than not, I'm writing because I want to write, not because someone's told me to write it or because I feel I have to. Free reign is a thrilling but equally terrifying prospect. 

I'm stronger to 'the fear' now. Most of the time I'm so busy that I'll post a blog and half-forget about it because I'm working on a campaign or have my head stuck in Photoshop. I understand what comes with the territory, and actually, the more you can divide opinion in a POSITIVE way, the better. Content needs to be engaging and if you can ignite a conversation with the words that you've written then good on you!

What is the secret to overcoming that fear?  Just keep going. Keep writing. Persevere. Make your mistakes, learn from them and find your sweet spot. Grit your teeth. Breathe. You're going to mess up and not every blog is going to be amazing. Laugh at yourself. DON'T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY. 

Are you scared of taking the plunge into writing online? Just do it!