Ah, Monday morning. It's quite the modern-day phenomenon is it not? 

I don't actually mind Mondays, like, I don't totally hate them, but it's definitely my most tired day of the week. I have no explanation for this because I am an anti-party animal. I barely drink so I'm never hungover in life. I never sleep in on the weekends either, so God only knows why Laura Chetcuti struggles on Monday mornings. Caggsy asked me a question circa 8.30am and I just couldn't muster up a response. I had no brain. I had 'the dumb' because it's MONDAY. Ah, Monday. 

When I've had a job I hated, Monday was literally like the end of my world and that feeling would always start on Sunday evening. How sad? I think they call that 'the fear'. If you're not familiar with what 'the fear' might feel like, imagine the moment you find out you've won the Euromillions. Then suddenly the Earth begins to open and you find yourself falling down a black hole through the centre, hurtling towards the core with only Jedward for comfort, whilst thinking about the fact that your last meal was a packet of stale crisps that you didn't get the compensation for. Then you die. 

Why Monday? I feel sorry for Monday. It's never as bad as it seems. I feel like we really want to love Monday as a day, but because it's Monday we can't help but hate it. If it was the same day but on Tuesday, we wouldn't fret as much would we? After a Bank Holiday, we start the week on a Tuesday and it certainly doesn't conjure up the same feelings of trauma in most, yet it's still that first day back. 

What if Friday was suddenly the new Monday? "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet” in the words of Juliet Capulet in that famous balcony scene - translation; even if Friday was called Monday it would still be everyone's favourite day of the week because it's the last day. I think we've learnt to hate the word 'Monday', not the actually day itself. It's forbidden and bizarre to outwardly enjoy Monday. We fight with our hearts and souls to make it through that first day, but what is the problem? 

I realise I've waffled. It's fine. Maybe it's because it's MONDAY? 

Check out the attached article - 6 scientific reasons why we hate Monday: