If I had a pound for every time I asked someone how they were and their response was 'busy', I'd probably be parked on a beach somewhere, drenched in Choo, drinking liquid gold.

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me how I was and my response was 'busy', I'd also probably be holidaying on the moon. In my defence I'm currently planning a fairly sizeable wedding which involves a number of international guests, so I think it's fair to say I'm pretty damn busy in life! Once my wedding is over, I will never ever use the 'busy' excuse again. I clearly never truly knew what 'busy' was/I'm glad I'll never be this busy again! 

This article is great because it focuses on the true meaning behind that word, 'busy'. I feel like some people think they are super busy because they come into work early and leave late when actually they spend a large proportion of the day doing f*ck all. They might work really slowly, they may get distracted, who knows, but you really can't judge whether someone's busy based on their hours in the office. If you're feeling guilty of procrastination at the moment, check out this article on The Guardian for some tips to get more motivated. The summer slump, especially when it's hot, can be a fairly languid time of year so make an effort to turn it around and think twice next time you tell someone you've been 'busy'.