Yes, I think so. I didn't realise what it was when I was first sent a notification about it. Being a huge fan of Snapchat, I expected it to be an exciting new feature that would make the app even more enjoyable because, ultimately, it's good fun to use, but when my niece sent me a message asking how things were on 'Joeblogs' Close where I live, it sent some serious alarm bells ringing and I immediately switched it off. 

Not only is it sharing far too much information socially, but who's to say potential burglars aren't looking at that? If people can see when you're home, when you're out, where you are, there can't be anything majorly positive about that. It also takes stalking to a whole new level. An actual stalker would be like a kid in a sweet shop on the Snap Map and I'd be especially concerned about Snapchat's younger and more vulnerable users. 

I'd like to be wrong, but I don't see any positives in this new feature on Snapchat. I've shared the following Yahoo article about a guy who has already been caught cheating because of the new location feature! What do you think of it? Do you see any positives at all?