When it comes to switching your job, you want something new, something that is exhilarating. That is why we recommend that you should seriously consider the thriving eSports industry.

eSports has blossomed into a $700 million industry and each year its viewership is increasing. Currently it is one of the fastest growing segments of the gaming industry.  It is also now one of the most sought after industries when it comes to job opportunities.

The reason is simple, consider any job like for instance, Social Media Manager. Someone working as social media manager within the eSports will be highlighting the top games in the tournaments, travelling to tournament venues and testing out and reviewing the latest and greatest gadgets and gaming gear.

The jobs available in the eSports industry include graphic designers, event managers, marketers, PR managers and many more. The fact is that many are still unaware of the fact that eSports is now bigger than just games. It now has millions of dollars’ worth of investment.