This is a perfect example of why it's so crucially important for organisations to hire for attitude and train for skill, something I am a strong believer in.

More often than not, if you have a niggling feeling at interview stage, it will very rarely go away and actually, hiring purely for skill and ignoring culture fit can have a horrifying impact on your team and their productivity. It's these situations that can really highlight the culture of a team, and actually, they can really help you to define who you really are as an organisation which is something a lot of companies struggle with. The CEO of The Veloz Group offers this further piece of advice to hiring managers;

"I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to recognize that no person — no matter how strong they may look on paper or how tempting it may be to slot them into a particular opening — is more important than your values. The next time you are considering a new hire, ask yourself and your team members whether or not that person will enhance or detract from your environment. Trust your gut and understand what really matters and why"

A bad hire can completely obliterate a once happy and productive environment. Don't make that mistake by ignoring your instincts.