I GOT MARRIED! Yes I did, and today is my first day back to reality after a blissful, hilarious, romantic and incredibly happy 2 weeks off (including some time in my hometown of Harrogate, our wedding and 5 days in Santorini). A huge mix of emotions, but  honestly, I don't care how cheesy this sounds, the best 2 weeks of my life. 

My husband and I have chosen two very different career paths in life, and actually, if I'd have met him at the beginning of his, we probably wouldn't have gone on to get married due to his previously unsociable hours (on international time) and lack of free time (we probably wouldn't have even met!). You couldn't get two more different careers if you tried. He works in finance and I work in marketing, yet, it works for us and the dynamic of our relationship has always been great. His longer hours mean I have the opportunity to use the gym on an evening, see my friends and actually just indulge in some 'me time', something that I believe to be incredibly important for any relationship, regardless of career choices! Despite working slightly different hours, we never fail to eat dinner together every evening and we enjoy a wide variety of date nights at the weekends. We are lucky, but unfortunately a difference in career, and particularly in working hours, can cause huge problems for relationships. 

Although the below article is based on research from the US, I still find it very interesting to observe the types of careers that are deemed the worst for marriages, and the types where your marriage has a better chance of flourishing. The lists actually throw a couple of curve balls, for example, I'd never imagine a Library Assistant role to be bad for your marriage, would you? 

Check it out!