ALL in-house recruiters take note,The job seekers have spoken!

It seems there are 6 things that job seekers are not happy about when it comes to job searching and applying for your roles.

The list in my opinion and based on my experiences is pretty much spot on, too many bad ads, to difficult or long winded to apply and taking too long to make a decision to name three.

This is a job seekers market they have way to much choice nowadays, recruiters need to ensure they making their processes as stream lined as possible. Working for a job board for many years now I still see ridiculous 15 stage ATS application processes this hasn't changed ever really changed and it seems companies still haven't resolved this issue for the most part.

Because we believe this is greatly effecting quality candidates applying we have come up with a great solution to help fix drop off. If you would like to discuss how we can help please get in touch