Usage of video within recruitment is still not being adopted by the masses and it begs the question as to why?...

This year video will account for 74% of all web traffic which is staggering, video has been for some time now the king of content. Having video content on the homepage of a website means that the average time on site increases by 2.6x, not only that but Google loves video too and will increase your rankings and visibility.

Studies also suggest that the human brain is wired to pick up visual content as the brain is able to process the information 60,000 times faster than reading long boring text. This is more than likely the reason why many long job adverts end in failure to recruit as they are just not engaging enough and the job seekers lose interest.

There are so many other benefits to video within recruitment, Video is easily shareable via social media and platforms such as YouTube plus it is extremely mobile friendly which is now the most used device for web browsing.

Once again it begs the question as to why Video is not being used more by recruiters. 

Here at we make it very simple to incorporate video content within standard job postings. The increase in engagement is staggering and based on the above it is no surprise as to why.

To find our more about adding video content into your adverts and to make them more exciting to job seekers please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Article based on written piece by Ira.s Wolfe from 14th August 2017