I've read and written articles about this before and I always find the topic an interesting one to discuss. In terms of professionals moving into the city for work, is there any point in scrimping and saving just to live in London? Personally, I'm not so sure, especially when there are so many incredible cities in other parts of the UK with a huge range of opportunities and lifestyle potential.

London is an amazing city, but it's not for everyone. The general consensus when it comes to living in London is that you either love it or hate it. From Harrogate, North Yorkshire originally, I'm no stranger to the conversations in the village shop when I visit that go something like,"oh how's it going in that London? I love going down there but I could never live there."

I love living in London, I really do, but I'm a country girl at heart so it won't be for ever. My husband and I really enjoy it here, admittedly we do get a bit lazy and like to stay in a lot at the weekends, but there's nothing we want to do in London that we feel we can't. That kind of freedom makes a city like this a hundred times more enjoyable, but it's not always been that way for me. 

When I first moved down here, I was living in a horrendously expensive studio flat by myself and watching every penny because it ate up virtually all of my monthly income. One month I took it upon myself to live on tinned soup, purely as a cost-saving exercise. Brutal, but it saved me a lot of cash. I vowed to work my ass off to improve my financial situation and I did! But is it really worth living in London when you can't truly enjoy it? What do you think?