The office. A minefield of tricky situations, tongue-biting moments and downright frustration at times. Of course, we all want to work in a positive environment, but we are all human and what happens when you put a lot of different personalities in one room? Clashes are inevitable! 

The HR Grapevine are today reporting on research by Brother UK, which has revealed the main causes of office disputes. 34% of office workers cited gossiping about co-workers as the leading reason for inter-office disputes. This percentage was followed closely by loudmouths, messy workers, theft and tardiness. I can understand some of these, but I do find a couple quite surprising! Perhaps it's because we don't have a loudmouth in our office, but I was quite surprised to find that this came out at 31% as the leading cause of problems at work. Can anyone share their stories on loudmouth colleagues and how this has caused friction in the workplace?