A new year. Full of possibilities, hope and perhaps an element of mystery. Whilst for some a new year can be daunting, for many it’s an opportunity to implement change. I’ve never been someone who gives things up for New Year. If I’m going to give something up I tend to do it there and then at the point of the decision. Adhoc. I guess I’m just not good at sticking to things if I have the pressure of a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ over my head. I'm actually much better the less fuss I make. If I tell everyone I'm doing something, I never stick to it and almost always end up making excuses about why I didn't see it through. 

One thing that I do think can be quite positive is to start something new in a new year. Not necessarily on New Year's Day but making a promise to yourself that you’re going to try something new over the next 365 days, whether that be a new addition to your exercise regime, learning a language, charity work; the choices are endless.

A lot of people use the new year as a time to make a change to their career whether that’s a new job doing the same sort of thing or whether that means completely altering their path and doing something totally different. We heard a statistic on the radio this morning that 1 in 5 people are looking for a new job right now. Working in this industry, we naturally notice spikes in activity on our website and it's no surprise that over the Christmas break, people find themselves trawling job boards and updating their CVs. There's no better time! 

The attached article by Forbes gives some great starting points for anyone thinking about making a move: