This is in reference to an article I wrote yesterday. I just re-read it and I'm actually pretty impressed with myself considering the fact that I had double vision and looked like the girl out of The Exorcist (well I felt like I did!) 

I've been struck down the last 5 or 6 days with this mysterious illness. Now, I'm not ill often, but when I am, it seems to last forever and I HATE being ill. Forget colds and coughs. I don't care about those. But when my balance and vision is affected, I completely freak out. It drives me up the wall in more ways than one. I missed New Years Eve completely. My poor husband had to eat and drink on his own whilst I surrendered to bed pre-10pm (it's a wonder I made it that far). When the first day of work rolled round, I truly thought I'd be better, or at least functioning. WRONG. 

The reason for this article, is that despite my brain being on a completely different planet yesterday combined with possible sweating, I still managed to write something that was coherent and actually legible. I'm pretty proud of that considering the circumstances, I mean, I couldn't even read the words. Proofreading was out of the window yesterday and I ended up leaving early because I couldn't stand to look at the screen for another second. I'd forgotten I'd even written the attached article. Do you ever surprise yourself like that?