If you're at work and have the Monday blues, or you're craving a sugary treat, after eating healthy for the past few weeks, I have a great excuse to go and grab yourself something chocolaty. World Nutella Day. 

A whole day dedicated to chocolate & hazelnut spread. Who knew this was a thing?

Competition for creating the most innovative treat is high and there are some great Nutella recipes you need to try out. To save you the time, I've done the research, so there is no need to take a break in the job hunt!  

Whether you are bored of the usual breakfast of granola & berries, starting a new job and want to win over your team or looking for a afternoon pick me up, I have just the thing! I've searched far and wide and found lots of different ways to enjoy Nutella. 

Nutella and marshmallow toasties; Nutella granola; Nutella and peanut butter cheesecake bites; Nutella and banana muffins, they all look equally tasty. Check out some recipes from the Genius Kitchen and BT recipes for inspiration.