Really good interview here with Simon Swan from Hiring Hub giving his opinion on why the recruitment agency will not lay down and die in favour of a more A.I automated future and one line in particular has hit the nail on the head for me... 

"We are humans and we like interacting with other humans. Particularly when we need advice, convincing, and reassurance. An AI-bot just won’t do"

I couldn't have put this any better myself humans need to interact with humans for the best outcome to be achieved. What worries me is that I see more and more this mission to push out human interaction within the recruitment process, its almost as if it has become an inconvenience to get good advice whether it be for job seeker or employer. A world where computers are making decisions is a scary one even for all its benefits within our sector.

We know the guys from Hiring Hub really well and they are a great bunch with a very good product, so if you do want to deal with Humans and not robots get in touch with Simon and the team.