I write this as I sit down to my desk after 3 glorious weeks off. I've enjoyed the South African and Mauritian sun (and rain), eaten far too much food and lived a bit of life that I hadn't experienced before. For the first time in ages I actually feel as though I've had a proper break which is probably a good thing considering it was my honeymoon! 

The motions of the office felt very far away whilst on safari, and truthfully, I need to write this to get myself back into the groove! Does anyone ever feel like they've completely lost their head when returning to work after a long break? I do! It's not just work, I mean, who even am I anymore? I've had no routine for three weeks. Every meal has been cooked for me, every bed made. My chocolate consumption has dramatically decreased, WTF?

Generally I don't find myself getting annoyed about much, but when you work in an office everyday, there are always going to be things that 'grind your gears'. It's natural. We are all human after all, so I thought I'd kick off my week and my return with reference to this little article from the HR Grapevine on office annoyances. What irritates you at work?