The closer we get to leaving the European Union the clearer the potential impact it will have within the recruitment industry and more specifically skill shortage.

A recent research paper on "Solving the UK Skills Shortage" shows that a staggering 65% of employers believe Brexit will further highlight the UK's skills shortage. Also 23% of employers do not believe the UK is ready to compete on a global stage for the best talent.

Chris Hickey, Robert Walters CEO has had his say on the report which they involved in:-

“While the ultimate impact Brexit may have is not yet clear, it is possible that employers will have to revise recruitment strategies to compensate for the lack of easy and simple access to professionals in Europe.”

“Developing innovative strategies to address skills shortages will be critical for employers in order to help their businesses remain competitive in a crowded global marketplace.”

“Employers may need to consider broadening their hiring criteria and sourcing professionals with transferable skills from other professional backgrounds.”

“In many cases, in addition to helping employers fill business critical vacancies, this approach can help bring new and innovative ideas into an organisation due to their varied background.”

“Additionally, employers should consider the potential in building relationships with universities and colleges, giving them the opportunity to interact with students to help position them as desirable employers and to give students the opportunity to develop the skills early on that will help them thrive in the workplace.”

You can read the full article by following the link to the original article on Recruitment Buzz.