Having studied at University I can relate to (in some ways) and know people who do not feel passionate about the subject they studied. You are in a different place in your life when you start your studies, to when you complete your degree. As you learn and develop, you may no longer see a career path in your chosen subject.   

It is never to late too make that change. From reading David's article, I agree, he is right saying "your degree doesn't define you", so don't pursue a something you won't enjoy. Just because you studied Computer Science it doesn't mean you want to be a Software Developer. Instead you could choose to become a Lecturer specialising in Technology or want to work in Marketing at the Institute of Coding. Combining your interests with education could help form the perfect career path. Even if you do not want to work within the sector you studied in, it is important you can make your experience relevant, show passion and can adapt easily. 

Don't forget a degree isn't everything either. You may have not attended University and have little to no experience in Marketing, but companies like Unggaged provide a huge amount of scope to start and make a success of a career in Marketing.

For all the budding Marketers out there, there are lots of Marketing and Digital opportunities, find the courage to follow your passion and make the move!