ASOS has made headlines this week for a slightly unusual reason - they printed 17,000 plastic bags with a spelling mistake on them. Rather than sweeping it under the rug and binning a huge volume of bags (which would be a complete waste!), the retailer posted about it in their Instagram story, writing "We’re calling it a limited edition", resulting in a huge response from followers who found the whole thing hilarious.

This, as well as KFC's recent chicken-shortage-disaster-turned-marketing-campaign is a reminder of how much people enjoy being reminded of a brand's personality. In an age when so much is becoming automated and impersonal, human error can make a welcome change (particularly when handled with good-natured humour!) 

We are proud to have worked with ASOS to fill their marketing jobs, and we look forward to seeing what else they do onilne! 😉 

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